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      Living with multiple food allergies and staying on a budget doesn't usually go together.  Do you agree?  

     I can still remember my early days as a food allergy mom.  Right after the children's diagnosis, our food budget suddenly tripled, even quadrupled.  Around those times, I confess, I tried not to cry during grocery shopping.  Sometimes, it is due to the stress of not finding anything safe to buy after hours of label reading. Most of the time though, it is because of the amount I need to pay at checkout. 

    For someone who was used to couponing and actually saving at least $80 every grocery trip, the experience was a nightmare. 

      It has been years since the lifestyle change.  I have to admit, a lot has changed and more food allergy safe products are now readily available.  Though the prices haven't gone down to that of regular brands, new companies have emerged and yes, we have an increase of choices.  

     This page contains Deals, Sales, Freebies and even Giveaways of food allergy friendly products I've seen locally here in New Jersey and online. I hope this list could help you stock up on safe items too.  

      If you're outside New Jersey and would like to share a deal you've found, please let me know.  I'm sure many in your area will appreciate it too. 

- Roz

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