Do you have any questions, comments or suggestions?  I love to hear it. Send me a quick message thru the Contact form located at the right hand side bar.  ou can also email me directly at thefrugalistamom@gmail.com .

     Everything I've written on this blog are based from my experiences as a mom dealing with my family's multiple allergies.  The recipes I posted are all created by me. These are the exact dishes we eat and enjoy at home. If ever, I adopt a recipe and make it allergy friendly, I always mention the original recipe owner.  I believe in giving proper credit to those who worked hard for something. 
      Though I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business (Marketing Management) & Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology under my belt and has an intensive background in Research, I am NOT a licensed health professional.  The contents I wrote are not meant to diagnose any medical conditions. Always, and again I say it, Always consult with your medical doctor.

      One of the main goals for this blog is to help find and share quality products that are not only food allergy safe but healthy and delicious as well. The items listed on the Pantry Page are the ones that you can actually find in our home. The product reviews contain our family's thoughts and actual experience with the mentioned item or business. There are times when I do receive discounted or even free products from companies.  That fact however, doesn't affect our opinions about the goods or services  being discussed.  Since I prefer to have positive contents here, if something turned out really bad, I wouldn't even publish the review.  (If you send me a private message though, I will give you my uncensored answer.)

       Throughout this blog and  my newsletter, you may notice that some words or pictures link to a different website.  This is my affiliate link.  Basically, I participate in several programs by companies that allows me to earn a small fee when you purchase from them. Occasionally, I also accept paid ads. (4 kids remember?)

       Rest assured though that you, my readers are my main priority whenever I publish a content.  If I personally wouldn't use, eat, or even touch it, I will not place it here. Honesty is very important to me as well as your trust.

       Lastly, I take your privacy seriously.  I don't believe in spamming and selling information.  You are all my friends and friends don't do that right?

- Roz

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