Friday, November 28, 2014

Deal Alert: Allergy Friendly, Gluten Free Online Sales and Coupons

        It's Black Friday people! Did you know that there are food allergy friendly companies that are also having a this weekend?  

        Check out what I found.

1. Amrita Bars
    This is an exclusive sale for all my friends.
     Get a 6 pc. Variety pack for just $5. (That's a $10 savings!)
     Coupon code : allergyfriendlyhome 
     expires: Nov. 30.

2. Enjoy Life Store wide sale
    Get 15% OFF any order or 20% OFF on order $75 and up
    Coupon code: HOLIDAY
    expires: Dec. 3 11:59 pm PT

3. Attune Foods (maker of Erewhon GF cereals and Attune Probiotic Bars)
    Get 15% off any purchase
    Coupon code: Attune14
    expires: Dec. 1, 11:59 pm PT

   4. King Arthur Flour Gluten Free Flour Mixes
       Get Free Shipping on orders of $49 and up
       No coupon necessary
       Ends Nov. 30 midnight

5. Brothers All Natural Store wide Sale
    Buy 3 Get 1 Free 24 pk Fruit Crisps
    Coupon code: CM14FC24

    Buy 2 Get 1 Free Fruit Clusters
    Coupon code: CM14BK25

    25% OFF 100 or 200 Packs
    Coupon code: CM14BK25

    Buy 2 Get 1 Free Harvester Farms
    Coupon code: CM14HF21

    Buy 1 Get 1 Free Fruit & Oats
    Coupon code: CM14OATS

    15% OFF $50 - $99 total purchase
    Coupon code: CM14BSM15

    25% off $100 or more total purchase
    Coupon code: CM14BSM25

* Any purchase from today to Dec. 2 at the Brothers All Natural website gives you a chance to win a $100 AMEX gift.
* Coupon codes expire on Dec. 1, 9 pm EST

      There you go my friends.  I'll be searching for more food allergy friendly deals the whole so follow me on Twitter , Instagram or Facebook for updates.

     Happy bargain hunting!

- Roz

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Food Allergy Friendly Meals made Easy by Ian's Natural

         "My kid was recently diagnosed with food allergies.  Does that mean I have to cook everything from scratch?"  This is one of the most common messages I get in my inbox.  More often than not, it will be followed by statements of frustration, confusion and even guilt.  The typical mom guilt that implies "I'm not doing enough for my child." sort of thing. 

         Guess what my dear moms and dads?  I too, don't make everything from scratch.  Even if I blog about food, create recipes and spend most of my waking hours cooking, I confess I still rely on the help of ready to eat foods to keep my growing kids fed.  It's just that the more I cook, the more the eat. Can you relate? 

        Anyway, since most take out is no longer an option, I try to stock up on frozen packaged foods which can be easily reheated.  One of my family's favorites is Ian's Natural Foods

         For those who are not yet familiar with this brand, Ian's Natural provides a wide variety of  allergy-friendly, kid approved meal solutions that the whole family can enjoy.  Their foods are made with simple, honest ingredients and without any preservatives, artificial ingredients, trans fats, or added hormones and antibodies.  From breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack, Ian's got us covered.  

          Here are some of my kids' favorite gluten, dairy, soy, egg, nut and peanut free treats.  As I have mentioned here on the blog before, all my food allergy kids have eaten the regular version of these foods before they were properly diagnosed.  So when they say that it is close to the "real thing", it really is.  

Smokin' Sweet BBQ Chicken Nuggets 
      Seasoned with garlic, onion, tomato and jalapeno powders, these chicken nuggets are loaded in flavor.  No ketchup or sauce needed.  All four of my kids gave it a thumbs up. The two younger ones though found it a little spicy for their taste. 

Breaded Popcorn Turkey Corn Dogs
         The kids gave these a double four thumbs up! Though it's not the traditional corn dogs they had prior to their food allergy findings, these were still a big hit.  It has the right amount of crunchy coating which is close to that of a really good tempura.  The hotdog stayed moist, soft and the best part not too salty.  

Mac & No Cheese
        What more can I say? Finally!  At first the kids were a bit hesitant to try it because of the name on the box.  If there's no cheese then what will it taste like?  

       Though they've tested quite a number of vegan cheeses, most of which, they hate, I was able to convince them to take a bite.  Guess what?  They liked it! It's not salty but is quite creamy and tasty. The noodles were a little on the soft side though.  

Supreme French Bread Pizza
       My lifesaver!  As you all know, pizza parties are still a norm in many schools.  If there's going to be a party the next day, I would stay up late, preparing for a pizza dough and wake up really early the next morning to make the pie.  These are not only convenient but really yummy.  Even my toughest bread/pizza critique gave it a double thumbs up.  Love that it is already portioned and can be ready in 20 minutes.  

        Did I make you hungry? Would you like to try any of Ian's Natural products?  Click this now to get your $1 off coupon.  

- Roz

(Note:  I received free products to review for this post.  My opinions and that of my children about the products were not affected in any way.  Please see my full disclosure here. )         

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Deal Alert: Online Sales - Gluten Free products

       Are you preparing for the gift giving season?  These gluten free companies started their sales early so you'll have more time to do other things.  

          Happy Shopping!

- Roz

Red Apple Lipstick Holiday Sale is ongoing and will end on Nov. 24 (10 pm).  This sale includes their famous gluten free lipsticks, eye shadows, mascara, sampler packs and more.   

Use Coupon code HOLIDAY10 to get 10% OFF your subscription to  Send Me Gluten Free Box.

Originally priced at $29.99, this cookbook by Chef Aviva contains not only delicious Gluten Free recipes from around the world but stunning pictures as well.  Sale price is now $23.99.

(Note: This post contains affiliate links.  Please see my full disclosure here.)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Easy Italian Sausage and Vegetable Fried Rice

       Fried rice is a staple in our monthly menu.  Not only is it really easy to prepare.  It's also very budget friendly.  In fact, my kids always look forward for the "special fried rice" day.  Why?  Well, let's just say that the end product never disappoints and is unpredictably yummy.   

      So when Harvester Farms asked me to create something quick and child friendly with their freeze dried vegetables, I didn't think twice.  I knew right away that this one pot dish will fit the bill. 

      Before I share the recipe for my almost "gourmet" kid approved rice dish, I would like to tell you a little bit more about Harvester Farms freeze dried food.  They had sent me a can of sweet corn and green peas to try and experiment on.

        Conveniently called Emergency Food Supply, these freeze dried fruits and vegetables from Brothers All Natural are 100% natural and do not contain any preservatives or additives.  In fact, each product has a shelf life of 25 years which makes it perfect for emergency preparedness. Where were you during Hurricane Sandy?

        Anyway, I think wouldn't have to wait that long to enjoy these.  The fruits and veggies are actually ready to eat after all.  Straight out of the can, the corn and green peas are excellent snacks. Since it doesn't contain any extra oil, salt or sugar, I find it an excellent alternative to chips.  The crunchy texture and mild flavor makes it really addictive too. 

          Cooking with these freeze dried vegetables is quite easy too.  Just let it soak in hot water, broth or soup and it is ready to go in minutes.  No need to defrost or rinse.  It is a big help to have on hand especially if we want to have more vegetables on our diet. 

         Now, back to our featured recipe. The secret to this stir fried rice is the proper browning of the sausage.  The toasted sausage bits give the rice a unique texture and flavor.   Almost like bacon but with a hint of Italian spices. The corn and peas add some sweetness to this savory concoction.  Easy to make yet complex in flavor. 

           Who knew something gourmet can come out of leftovers?  Just don't tell your friends about it.  

            Happy cooking.

- Roz


1 Tbs. bacon grease or olive oil
2 pcs. Italian Sausage (removed from casing)
1/3 cup Harvester Farms corn
1/3 cup Harvester Farms peas
1 1/2 cup hot water
1/3 cup chopped onions
1/2 tsp. garlic powder
1 tsp. sea salt
6 cups cooked rice (leftovers worked perfectly well)
2 Tbs. chopped fresh parsley

1. In a medium sized bowl, soak the corn and peas in hot water.  Let it stand for at least 20 minutes before using.
2. Remove the sausages from its casing and crumble.
3. In a large saute pan or work, brown the sausage in oil. This takes approximately 7- 10 minutes.
4. Once the meat is nicely golden brown, add the onions and cook until translucent.
5. Add the rice and mix well.  Make sure there are no big lumps.
6. Season with salt and garlic powder.
7. Drain the corn and peas.  Add to the rice.
8. Stir fry the rice mixture for about 8-10 minutes or until it is heated all the way through.
9. Turn off heat.  Add the chopped parsley and mix.
10. Serve hot.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Amrita Endurance Bars Review & Giveaway

      Happy November! It's been a while since we had our last giveaway and I'm sure you are missing all the freebies already right?  Since this is my birthday month too, I prepared a special treat just for you. Starting this week, I have lined up a series of  giveaways from some awesome and really generous food allergy friendly companies.    Sounds good?

       To begin the gift giving streak is a product called Amrita Bars.  I first learned about these food allergy friendly vegan bars at the GFAF Expo in NJ.  Their founder Arshad Bahl, was present at vendor booth and is very passionate about sharing the story behind the product.

       Named after the Sanskrit word which means "nectar of the gods", Amrita Bars are made from raw, sun ripened dried fruits and seeds.  Each Amrita Endurance or Recovery Bar is vegan, non gmo and does not contain any of the top 8 allergens such as  wheat/gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, soy, dairy, egg, fish or shellfish.  A big relief to most food allergy moms like me.

     Aside from the health benefits, my kids and I liked the Amrita bars because they are really flavorful and delicious.  The dried fruits are sweet but not overpowering.  The texture is smooth and creamy.

        So far, my favorites are the Mango Coconut and Chocolate Maca.  Eating Amrita Bars is like having dessert without the guilt.  If there's such a thing as "good for you" treat, this is it.

       Getting intrigued already?  Well, our wonderful friends from Amrita Health Foods would like to treat one lucky US based reader a 6 pc. variety pack.  Scroll down now to see how many chances you can get.

        What are you waiting for?  This giveaway will end on Nov. 19, 11:59 EST.

        Good luck!

- Roz

(Note: I received a free variety pack from the sponsor.  Please see my full disclosure here.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Product Review: Krevare SoapSeat Promise "No More Soggy Soap!"

      Do you watch infomercials?  Come on, admit it.  There's something in that 15-30 minute show that not only captures our attention.  Most of the time, it draws us in a trance like state and the next thing we know, we just spent our precious half hour and even a portion of our budget.  Sounds familiar?

      One of the reasons why I think an infomercial has that much power on us is that it shows us how ordinary things can be re- invented and solve common everyday problems.  With a little design change, the new product promises to make our lives easier and a whole lot better.

      Speaking of innovative products, I would like to introduce you to Krevare Soapseat aka "The Perfect Soap Dish". Hmmm... I know what you're thinking. "Not another soap dish, again!" Well, let me tell you more about this unique 2 piece soap dish that was designed to answer the #1 dilemma most soap users encounter all the time  - soggy soap.  Am I getting you interested frugal people?

       As I mentioned earlier, the SoapSeat by Krevare consists of two parts.  First is the removable tray which was constructed not only hold our favorite soap but to keep water from staying on the grates. The spout like, patent pending design quickly drains the excess liquids which allows the soap to actually dry in between uses.  Thus, NO MORE soggy or mushy soap!   Made with durable Eastman tritan copolyester plastic, the tray is designed for easy cleaning by hand and even dishwasher.

      The second part of the system is the base that holds the soap tray.  It has two adjustable legs which can be customized for raised rim sinks and soaking tub edges.  The non slip "feet" hold the unit in place without damaging the finish of the counter top surfaces.  Plus, there are no exposed steel parts that can corrode or rust.

The Verdict

        After trying the Krevare Soap set for week, I have to say that it did fulfill its promise of making our favorite soap last longer.  Water just slides through the crevices which helped prevent the soap from being submerged.  It even made the soap dry in between uses.

       Since there are no soapy water constantly running on the side of our bathroom sink and tub, I also noticed that there is no thick soap scum that accumulates on the wall of the tub and sink.  This made clean up a lot easier.

         The product also instantly matched my bathroom decor.  Though the material is made of plastic, it was not flimsy or cheap looking.  In fact, it can pass as a pricey porcelain or ceramic.  I love that it looks great and I don't have to worry that the kids will accidentally break it.

       Not only is it a functional and pretty addition to the any sink or tub, it also saves me money in the long run.  Who knew a soap dish can get that better?

         Getting excited to try your own Krevare Soapseat?  So far, it's not yet available in stores.  You could however support it on Kickstarter.  By being a Backer of this project, you will not only help it become available in stores, you'll also get your very own SoapSeat for 30% off the retail price.  Isn't that sweet?  Head on to their project page now.  Your support is greatly needed and appreciated.

         What are you waiting for?

- Roz

(Note:  I have received a free sample product to be used for this review.  I am not affiliated in any way to the company.  See my full disclosure here. )

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