Friday, January 2, 2015

10 "Let it Go" moments for 2015

       2014 was a challenging one for me.   As I look back, I realized, it could have been an easier year, if I just learned to be more sensitive to the signs and messages God has readily provided for me.  The theme song from the movie Frozen for instance, (which I try to avoid as much as possible because I can't take it anymore) was a good start.

Photo courtesy of CallMeArtsy 

        So for this year, I promise and even challenge myself to just let certain things go.  Specifically,

Whenever I feel guilty for saying "NO"...  Let it go.

Whenever I feel unappreciated... Let it go.

Whenever someone enjoys to be annoying ... Let it (them) go.

Whenever a person purposely makes me upset ... Let it (all of them) go.

Whenever I beat myself up for not finishing my To Do list ... Let it go. 

Whenever perfection stops me from doing something... Let it go. 

Whenever negative thoughts occupy a big part of my brain... Let it go.  

Whenever unimportant things take up my precious time ... Let it (all) go.

Whenever I want to say something and choose to hold back ... Let it go.  

Whenever I have the urge to put myself last... Let it (that) go.

        How about you?  Are there things you are letting go this new year?

        Wishing you a more exciting, happy and fulfilling 2015.

- Roz

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